Our newest family member…BLUE!

Yup. Blue Clue’s is integral in our lives everyday now apparently. We have known Landon loves it because it can put him in a trance and get him to stop crying.

When driving to the river for Thanksgiving, we decided to try to just pick him up early from school and head out…yeah…right after his nap. You see where this is going right? He wasn’t tired and pissed off. He was screaming before we got out of Wake County. We tried his songs and that slowly wore out. We then decided to hook up the iPad and let it work it’s magic. We plugged it into the stereo with the AUX port and propped it up on the console and let Blue work HER magic. O magic Blue…how we love you. The rest of Thanksgiving, when he was waking up at the ass crack of dawn due to teething, we brought the iPad to bed with us and let him watch. Glorious.

Well we have the first 3 seasons on Netflix and have them available via iPad, iPhone, computer, Apple TV, XBox, DVD player…muhahahahaha. Just this week, when we came home from school, Landon immediately went to the sofa and was trying to climb up(nothing new there) and then was walking around saying “boo?” and making fists and jazz hands. This usually is milk but it was obvious this wasn’t what he wanted. After we asked for more context clues, we figured out he wanted to watch Blue Clue’s with daddy. We later figured out that the hand movements? Totally the “Blue’s Clues” motion that Steve/Joe does when singing the song. CRAZY. Now it is just too cute.

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