What I did on my summer vacation

Summa summa summa time

Last week we packed up a few things and headed to the River for some R&R. The glory of having the same place to always go to means we don’t pack really. With Landon now, we have to pack a little more food but not much more. We each have 1 small duffel bag with undies, movies, books, iPads, etc. It is a breeze to leave and come back too. Anyways, here is a list of the stuff we did throughout the week.



Slept until 8:30-9. Yes, all of us.

Watched Cars about 47 times

Found the awesomeness that is apple pie moonshine

Jet skiied


Made about 30 paper flowers(tutorial coming)

Got drunk

Took pictures…duh

Went down a 20 ft inflatable slide with a 2 year old

Jumped in a bounce house

Enjoyed 2-3 hour nap times each day

Bought shrimp for $6 a lb off a boat

Threw the frisbee for the dogs daily

Got jelly fish stings


Busted ass waterskiing

Bought jewelry and peanuts at the hardware store

Saw dolphins

Played cornhole

Chased a naked toddler with a hose

And, last but not least, sat on my ass



Check out all my photos, here.

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