Infant Dinners: Getting Organized {Free Printables}

One major component to making your own baby food is keeping stock of it all. Add to the mix, my crazy Type A ass, and you get festive means in doing so! I make lists and probably micromanage my children’s food, but it helps me…STOP JUDGING ME! I like to think I am just really thorough at organization. Either way, I need to keep track of the variety of foods Oliver has tried and we have on hand at all times. My mind has turned to mush on many occasions since the onset of 2 child syndrome, so I need all the help I can get.

Since Oliver eats like a trucker, I am going through my stash way faster than I remember with Landon. Every few days, I usually steal a few minutes during meal prep for us to puree something for him. Having steamed broccoli? Make twice as much and puree half of it while other food cooks.   I had started using a dry erase magnet on the fridge to keep track of what was in the freezer but I soon ran out of room. So being the blogger that I am, I decided to make a printable AND give it to you. Voila! {The printable leaves a blank for your child’s name…not Oliver :)}

Infant Dinner Pantry Printable[Download]

Note: another great idea for this one is to keep a running list of foods your child has tried so sitters/family can know what they can have.

THEN while I was making that one, I realized I had a need for another one. I like to keep track of what all he eats throughout the days to keep the poop equilibrium. I also know I don’t like eating the same thing all the time, so I try and rotate his choices now that he can eat a wide variety so I made this one for a weekly menu, shopping list and keep track of the new things we tried. Being a working mom, I usually only introduce new foods on the weekends. I hate to try something new right before bed and I can’t send anything to daycare that we haven’t tried before…so weekend it is. See! Tons of stuff to keep track of and so SHAZAM:

Infant Dinner Menu Printable[Download]

I left this one a little more generic. You could use this for toddlers as well. If you are one to meal plan for packing lunches, even better! Use it however you like. BONUS NERD POINTS: Laminate it and write on it with a dry erase markers each week! ENJOY


  1. You’re so organized! Good for you.

    By the way, I tried the blueberries last week as well as spinach (mixed with pears)… She loved them both! Thanks!

  2. My son is about 4.5 months and just got the okay to start trying some solids so this will be a great help in a few weeks! I also love your blogs about Oliver’s infant dinners, can’t wait to try some of your recipes/ideas.

    Its definitely tough being a working mom and trying to figure all this out, so thank you!

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