My Olympic Experience

I finally got on the Olympic bandwagon. This weekend I sat down and started to watch some Olympic events (I know I missed like the first 17 thousand medals for Michael Phelps…but that’s what Sports Center is for right?). So I tune in just in time for the women’s marathon. Are you kidding me? 2.5 hours of air time dedicated to running a marathon? Now I love running, I know there is strategy and I greatly admire these women but watching them run the first half is very uneventful. These women could run 13 miles in their sleep. Speaking of which, was any one else surprised on how many dropped out or looked like someone hit them with a frying pan around mile 18? These are OLYMPIANS. They have been training for 4 freakin years to run 26.2 miles. Also to point out, the course was very easy. NO hills. I was shocked at the people who had problems. But I digress, congrats to the Romania chick that won…and proceeded to run around like 18 thousand more times on pure joy. It was fun to watch that :).

Next awesome thing to watch, trampoline. I had no idea this was an Olympic event…but talk about a childhood dream. Those girls were fantastic. It was so much fun to watch. However, I fear that the number of emergency room visits for our youth are about to rise. I was always a cautious jumper. I remember jumping on one at my friend Sarah’s house when I was little and landing funny on my neck when trying to flip and scarring the living shit out of myself. I was fine but to this day, I haven’t tried to ever flip again. I also flail my arms around like a challenged hummingbird when getting to high for my liking. What can I say….I am a huge pansy. Cheers to the trampolining ladies…you rock!
So Internet, I shall leave you with some fun Olympic themed online finds. They should give you a good laugh:

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