New PR!

Saturday was the Women’s Distance Festival here in Raleigh.  This was the first 5K for a lucky group of ladies I have written about here and here in the Women’s Beginning Running Program.  It was so exciting to see the faces of the newbies cross that finish line for the first time.  To sprint their hardest for the first time.  It was rainy and yucky but you would never know because those smiles could light a lifetime :).  Cara was there with her fam…so Landon and Kevin came to see me finish and play with his buddy Josh. It was the first race Landon has come to and I was pretty excited.  I kept thinking of the awesomeness waiting for me at the end..maybe that helped me go faster.

When I got there, they said I didn’t need to volunteer with a group…so Regan pushed me to go by myself.  I actually got to the starting line. I have never done that before because most races are kinda big.  This wasn’t that way, so I shimmied up there.  I think I left the gate maybe 10th in line.  I am horrible at keeping pace so I just ran. According to run keeper, I did the first mile with a 8:45 pace. WTF? That can’t be right.  I wasn’t dying so I thought, well I bet I could do this for 2 more miles…even with the giant hill at then end.  So I pushed it. I got to the bottom of said hill and the beat dropped on the Katy Perry E.T. Noisia remix  and it fucking rocked my socks off (iHubby knows what I am talkin about). I frickin love that mix. I pushed right pass 2 girls and figured I would look cooler crossing the finish line about to pass out.  I heard the lady chime in on Runkeeper that it had been 25 minutes and I was super close to the finish.  I was gonna hit a PR.  27:25 HOLY GUACAMOLE!  That was a 8:47 pace.  Never in my life have I done consecutive <9 minute mile.

So congrats to all…and hooray for setting myself up for never beating that PR ever again 🙂


  1. Wow that’s amazing. I have pre-baby and post-baby PR’s. This inspires me to once again aim for my pre-baby PR (just under 30 min).

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