How zombies can make you fit!

After her first 5K!

Ok time to toot some horns!  I wanted to spread this story because, well, I am soooo proud of it.  Kevin’s cousin Sarah took up running last July.  You remember July.  Hot as balls, when we want to sit in pools and sip frozen drinks..she took up RUNNING. Hats off right there for keeping that shiz up.  She joined the North Carolina Road Runner’s Beginning Women’s Running Club.  She did a 10 week couch to 5K.  THEN she chronicled her journey via blog with the clever name “I only run when being chased by zombies..” THEN she decided to run a half marathon that took place last weekend.  That’s right.  Couch to 13.1 miles in less than12 months.  GET THAT WOMAN A COOKIE Margarita!  O and she did it on the weekend of her first anniversary of marriage.  The Mann clan is so proud of her and wanted you to hear her story.  So the next time you say you ‘don’t run’, think of Sarah…she is truly an inspiration!

Hop on over to her blog and show her some love!

And for good measure…a wedding photo 🙂

Happiest bride on the Pungo

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