Take THAT 5K!

Today was National Employee Fitness day. Every year we have a 5K on campus to celebrate. Last year’s race was my first 5K ever….and it was a doozy..but then so was this year. We have a very hilly campus! But anyway, my last year’s time was a sad 38 minutes and something. Well now it is a year later and here I am. I am proud to say I ran it in 29:41 by my watch. They had no good way of timing us so I figured that was my best bet. But I would say that is a VAST improvement. So hooray for me! Also my fellow runner Jenny won the 18-29 age group AND I got third! HOORAY!

I would like to thank my super playlist:
AFI – Miss Murder
Jimmy Eat World – Pain
The All-American Rejects – Night Drive
Paramore – Crushcrushcrush
Basement Jaxx – Good Luck
Maroon 5 – Figure it Out
Saul Williams – List of Demands

We also got a new Wii Fit! Today is a good great day!

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