New Year’s Resolution…check!

Back in January, I told myself that my one main goal of the year was to run a 10K. I did 4 miles at the end of January for the Krispy Kreme Challenge but I haven’t exceeded that all year. Honestly, I have been downright lazy. I have made excuses for myself over and over to just run 3 miles here and 2 miles there. Well after the race last weekend, it got me thinkin. I can always try and so what if I have to stop if I get tired. I won’t know until I try right? So on Sunday Jen and I went out to the Old Reliable Run in downtown for my first 10K. 10K is a drop in the bucket to her, but I figured her ½ marathon the day before would slow her down for me. Well, my friends, I did it! I walked a little bit to recover at the top of some hills but I still finished at 1:02 (that’s a 10 minute mile pace for those of your bad a math)! AND on top of that, I didn’t really feel all too bad. Monday my right foot hurt a little but it is all better today. Now I just need a new resolution for next year…..

Thanks to Kevin Mahone for the photos!

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