Pregnancy Round Two

It’s time for fun pregnancy facts! A lot of people have asked me about being pregnant a second time. Mostly mommies of singles wondering about the road ahead. Honestly, it isn’t that much different.  It is going by faster with a toddler in tow and I don’t really worry about stuff I did before. But I thought I would layout a few things.

I have no idea if this is because it is 2 boys or what. Just the way it is.

  • I didn’t show faster – I kinda stressed about this.  EVERYONE said “the second time, you just pop right back out”. I didn’t. I got a little panicky around 15 weeks for this very reason. I was still wearing regular jeans and really looked the same comparing preggo pics with Landon. But the underlying cause seems to be my fitness level. I rebuilt up my abs between pregnancies.  Hell I am almost 26 weeks and I can still flex my abs on top of the baby. SHAZAM.
  • I didn’t feel the baby any sooner – Once again, everyone said I would feel him sooner.  I didn’t. And it took even longer to feel it from the outside. I am claiming the same thing with the abs thing. Just a harder wall.
  • I have minor diatasis recti – I didn’t have this with Landon. This is where your abs start to show separation.  In extreme cases, your abs split and your guts can come through. Yeah. Gross. I am no where near that level.  I have a small separation below my belly button. I just have to watch it in the coming weeks to now make it worse. I need to keep building my abs as much as possible and avoid a lot of twisting.
  • My body doesn’t seem to be changing as drastically – Last time I could constantly feel my body changing. My feet changed and made me stop running at 22 weeks with Landon. I am still running with no real issues. I don’t have the inner thigh pain. I just don’t feel as “different”. Not sure how to explain it all.
  • On any given day, I have no idea what “week” I am – I really don’t pay attention. With Landon and house selling, it just flies by. I also don’t look at the milestones or any of that. Meh. He is growing.
  • I have to pee more – My preggo bladder and my trama from birth #1 have made me go to the bathroom constantly. I have another post coming about this.

Any more questions?


  1. Isn’t it funny how different pregnancies can be? I absolutely hated being pregnant with my daughter. Which is funny because we went through a LOT to have her. This one was a TOTAL surprise and I’ve been feeling great!

    I too have to think about what week I’m in sometimes. You look great!

    • or how similar they can be! I love being pregnant. People think I am some kind of super hero for doing every day things. You don’t get this many times in life. I also enjoy splurging on special treats. LIVE IT UP

  2. Thank you for posting this. My hisband and I are going to try for #2 this summer and you have become my 2nd pregnancy inspiration, especially when it comes to fitness. I didn’t really keep up my workouts during my first pregnancy and I wish I had. It’s my goal for #2. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your final few months of pregnancy.

  3. This might be out there somewhere or maybe you don’t want to share, but how old are you? No doubt you are younger than me, I’m just curious as to how much. We are trying for No. 2 now. I’m a working momma with a 2yo boy and I’m wondering how difficult its going to be. I’ve been running since January and I hope to keep it up as long as possible. I’m 38 so I have to be vigilant about my health, diet and fitness.

    • I am 29 but from a fitness perspective, I think a lot is in your mind. I am stubborn as shit. I will run until I physically can’t to prove a point. I have other friends who ran for 9 months at much old than me. Know you limits and be as fit as you can now. And know that walking is just as good for you. I run/walk now. I don’t push it on big hills. I am way slower. It also takes different muscles to do each no shame. Just keep doing what you are doing and don’t let the bump be an excuse for a 9 month buffet and sofa sitting party. That is my best advice.

  4. Gurl, you have encouraged me to go back to my core class. I need to get this body rockin’ before I get KU’d (knocked up) again. I’m currently training for a half in june, but I think a little extra ab strength never hurt anyone.

    I think that with your daitisis? you can just say, that like the Hulk, you are ripped. too soon?

    • training for my half did wonders for me. I lost weight in places I never had before. it is also good for core. Also I recommend the 100 push up challenge. While sculpting you arms, it is great for core too. It only takes a few minutes a day! There is even an app!

  5. I swear with my second I kept forgetting I was even pregnant – or at least until the last trimester when it was hugely uncomfortable and I was so sick. It’s amazing how you pay SO MUCH ATTENTION to every tiny thing the first time and can barely remember how many weeks you are the second time. Toddlers man, they keep you BUSY.

    And I am wicked jealous of your abs of steel. Mine were still mush from the first baby when I had the second, and the first time I tried to do a sit up post-patrum I just lay flat on the floor moaning.

    • It took a lot of discipline. I recommend pilates like WHOA. I still do pilates breathing while preggo. IF anything I do it to help my back. I had no back issues with Landon.

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