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I have featured this blog on here before but it just keeps bringing up awesome things (appropriately named). Today’s entry is Eating Foods You Loved. Those childhood memories of awesome food. The kind that make your diet slap you in the face now. It is a fantastic list but I thought I would elaborate a bit more on my favorites.


    • Ketchup in mashed potatoes – In elementary school, I remember the eternal battle between us kids and the teachers. It wasn’t homework or no talking, but when we would play with our food and they would make us eat it. This is when the birth of the ketchup potatoes began. First off, it was/is awesome but looks pretty disgusting. So we thought we were winning the battle because they would come and say “you have to eat that” and we would just gobble it down with smiles on our faces. And that is when I first fought The Man. (NOTE: also steak sauce and BBQ sauce work as a nice ad in)


  • Cut up hotdogs in BBQ sauce – Still to this day, if there are no buns and we have hotdogs, this is the combo. I remember this being my favorite meal at daycare. A styrofoam bowl fun of these delicious little wonders. I still can’t make it that good. Sometimes I think about calling my old daycare and seeing about the secret recipe. I bet it was the Fairvalue BBQ sauce…DAMN YOU HARRIS TEETER! Anyway, Kevin and I actually had this over the summer one night…with mac and cheese! Now recently my mother-in-law introduced me to cutting open the hotdogs, putting sauce in the little canoe, adding cheese on top and toasting them in the toaster oven….this is also awesome but I can’t claim a childhood attachment since I learned of it at age 25.



  • Banana sandwiches – I LOVE banana sandwiches. Many people have different ways they like theirs. I enjoy them with mayo…lots and lots of mayo. Now the true art of the banana sandwich was trying to figure out how to get it to school. If you made the sandwich in the morning, the bananas would get brown and the bread would get soggy. What to do? Well I recall having a tiny tupperware container of mayo, a sandwich bag with 2 pieces of bread, a banana, and a plastic knife(GASP…i know). I would whip that bad boy up right there in the cafeteria like Julia ‘freakin’ Child.



  • Homemade Frozen Coke – now I am not claiming this one. This is all Kevin but I felt it was needed. He actually had one Sunday to be exact. Even in a world of ICEE machines, this boy loves his homemade kind. He will take one of the big cups and dump a can of coke in it. Then it goes in the freezer for some period of time(I have not paid attention to this exact science). When the treat is complete, he heads to the couch with his giant cup and a spoon for sugary goodness. Apparently he used to do this all the time as a child….and as you can see….we never grow up 🙂



  • Fried Bologna Sandwiches – I had totally forgot about these until one day a friend at work said something about them…and my love was renewed. I remember getting these at the store up the road. White bread, mustard, mayo, and a big slab of fried bologna. Once again, I can’t recreate this glorious sandwich. I have tried but I think my brain won’t let me fry things that much. The best part of the sandwich is the sweet ignorant bliss of the fat content!



  • And last but not least…Livermush – ok the mountain folk know what I’m saying…the rest of you are going “what!? That sounds disgusting”. You are wrong my friend, oh so wrong. Livermush seems to be a foothill/mountain delicacy(see the wikipedia entry) and is what it sounds like. It also looks gross. That is the glory behind it. We were given it as kids without knowing the creepy factor of the words “liver” and “mush” together. We just knew it was tasty. To prove my point, Michele was always a picky eater. Even Michele likes livermush. Kevin refuses to try it…thus concluding my idea that you have to be converted early. I am heading home at the end of October and I am already planning my livermush and egg on toast with mayo.


So what are your favorites? Leave a comment and share your tastes with the world! (Ok maybe not the world but the 20 people who subscribe to this blog).

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