Mini-Post Monday – Obsessions

I saw a short form of this on Twitter(and I can’t remember where!)…I am running with it because I am short on bloggin time y’all (Code freeze in less than 2 weeks….YIKES!)

Current Obsessions:

Food: Sushi – Odd.  I had sushi for the first time in 2005 on our Spring Break where it was all inclusive and I could try out a giant boat of options.  Since then, I never choose it because I don’t wanna pay for it and I couldn’t decide if it was enough for my meal.  Recently at work, a new cafe opened with a sushi chef on staff.  I haven’t had any there *hint hint co workers* but they have started having fresh made sushi in the other cafe on Wednesdays.  It is $5 and very yummy and made in front of you.  Nom. Who knew I would get to this point?

TV: Happy Endings on ABC – This show surprised us.  I thought it was going to be formulaic and canned funny comments but it cracks me up.  I love this show.  If you have Hulu Plus, you can view the whole season.  The gay guy makes the show for me with his pop cultural references and non-typical stereotype and the episode where they made fun of hipsters had me rolling.  Go watch it.

App: Pinterest – I can’t stop. And then in app form, I am a lost cause.

Drink(alcohol): Vanilla vodka with Cherry Coke Zero – Danger Will Robinson.

Drink(virgin): Jet Fuel K-Cups – Thanks Jen!  This stuff is bold and strong.  You were warned 🙂

Style: Grays – I am in love with grays.  I bought a graphite bathing suit this weekend along with pale gray nail poilsh.  I need a new house to paint! And gray hair is cool too right?

Book:  HA you think I sit down long enough to read.  That’s cute.

Kid stuff: Zucchini bread – took a chance and bought a loaf at work.  Kid LOVES it and he doesn’t know he is getting a veggie. Muhahahahaha


What are you obsessed with?

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