Things I love – Trader Joe’s Blueberry Waffles

Breakfast Perfection

First off, let me say that I LOVE breakfast.  I could eat breakfast foods all day…every day. I am not a huge pancake person but waffles are my joint. Second, I LOVE Trader Joes.  I mean, who doesn’t.  Cheaper, healthier food?  YES PLEASE! Back when LT started eating real food, we needed something healthy, yummy and quick for meals(who am I kidding, we still do!).  He hates waiting on stuff to be cooked. But these?  When he hears that toaster oven beep, he does the CUTEST little waffle dance to his high chair going “FAFFLE! FAFFLE!”

Anyways, these waffles are the cat’s pajamas.  They are sweetened with bluebery puree, juice and cane sugar.  You don’t need syrup!  They taste and smell heavenly.  You can even smell them outside the box in the freezer. We buy at least 2 boxes at a time.

They also cook super even.  I recently had to buy some store brand blueberry waffles in a pinch and they were TERRIBLE.  They would be burnt one day and soggy the next.  WTF? Same oven.

Now the only downside is their availability.  As with a lot of TJ products, sometimes they just don’t have them.  We do not have the same affection for the gluten free ones or the whole wheat ones.  While still good, just not the same. So I suggest buying many boxes at a time :).  So this is my endorsement of these culinary masterpieces. Go forth and pillage your local TJs…and if you don’t have a TJ’s…I will weep for you.


  1. Are we sisters, separated at birth?? I love breakfast food, and I must eat breakfast, every day!

    Love Trader Joe’s but stupid Tampa doesn’t have them….another reason I need to get out of this stupid city and state.

  2. No syrup? HEATHEN!!! That’s why I eat pancakes and waffles, I need something to sop up my syrup.

    I’m totally with you on the breakfast front though. I rotate between a core of eggs/bacon/oj (sometimes a biscuit too), cereal and a muffin, oatmeal and a muffin, smoothies and just fruit and yogurt. And yes, I love carbs.

    And breakfast dinners are delicious (I should have put them on my Awesomesauce list…next time!). We actually had biscuits and gravy at our wedding cause we’re just that classy.

  3. Love me some breakfast. I am an omelet girl but waffles are a close second. And man Tjs rocks my socks except when they don’t have my fav products in stock. Really…makes me super grumpy. Heh

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