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I said from day 1 that Things I Love would be all over the place.  Waffles, gadgets,  lotion, jewelry…plenty more in my noggin too. Today is dog collars.  And not just any dog collars, an Orvis high faluntin dog collar.

Jack modeling the light blue

Jack Jack is going to be 7 in January.  We adopted him thinking he was a Jack Russell mix….65 lbs later…not so much.  We have been through an array of collars, leashes, toys, etc. I run with Jack, he goes swimming at the River and we live in a busy city…this dog needs a nice, reliable collar.  Also, with being 72 lbs and having a terrier mentality, I never underestimate his will to bolt after a small creature.

When I saw these collars, I thought WTF????? $20 for a dog collar? But, totally worth it.  The clasp is heavy duty…it ain’t gonna break on a sprint. Also the material is fantastic!  Great quality and cleans really well. Even the ring is steel and has never rusted. The personalization is really nice for when you want a back up in case they don’t have jingly tags.

The black *Thanks to Ken Bulmer for the photo

The best for us though is the swimming.  We keep the blue one at the River with no tags so he can go swimming without worrying about getting the tags all gummy. Now this is also where I have to mention the 1 tiny problem.  The allotment for characters is tough(though it looks like it has gotten better). We could barely get Jack and a 10 digit phone number on there.  We need the area code because the river is another one. Luckily, Jack’s name is short…but no last name or anything was allowed.

Also, it looks like there is a sale on them now and you can get 2 for $29! Take a look around though.  Orvis LOVES dogs.  They make great stuff.  We have this bed (well similar).  Yeah I about choked at the price, but we have had it for years and it looks fantastic…at least 4 years later. Now since I am running in the early AM, I am looking to get him one like this. Same great collar but reflective.  Then again a big ass white dog doesn’t really hide. I also dream of this dog crate.

So happy dog shopping…and I leave you with a ridiculous photo of Jack I found while searching in my library. He truly is a fantastic doggy.



2 thoughts on “Things I Love – Orvis Custom Dog Collars

  • September 8, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Kev looks like he should be in gym class heros…i’ve been trying to place that forever. oh…and our dogs eat beds and collars…got anything for stupid dogs?

    • September 9, 2011 at 6:41 am

      Ha. Not sure if I understand the gym class heroes thing. And we can’t leave Jack alone with a bed. Bare crate all day. Ours are for lounging around the day and sleeping at night.


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