The Pink Cup

Exhibit A

Landon has recently become attached to things.  It isn’t just one thing, it varies.  Sometimes it is a blue wash cloth.  Sometimes it is a stuffed animal. Sometimes it is his pajama shirt (he never wants us to take it off). But a lot of times, it is a pink cup.  Luckily, we have four of them.  We got this set of pink cups with our play kitchen.  The guy gave us 2 boxes of play food and dishes, including a tea set.  He is obsessed with the cups.  He has gone to bed many nights with it.  It accompanies him to most meals…but not to be used…just held.  He will do many tasks one handed as to not put the cup down.  It has played in the bath tub and sand table.  It has been stirred and thrown. It has held pretend juice as he offers it to everyone in the house, living or not. Pablo has juice.  Jack has juice. Elmo has juice.  If only there was some Gin to go with it, we would be a straight up 90’s rap video.

Now sometimes we can use it as a bargaining chip.  We can get something else away from him by offering to “trade” for the pink cup.  We have used the pink cup to get him in the car sear without freaking-the-fuck-out.  Who knew that out of a $40 set of toys, his favorite would come in the form of a neon pink plastic cup? Cheers Pink Cup…bottoms up.

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