Flashback Friday – No, she isn’t my sister

So this is a little bit of a flashback. After my post yesterday, some tweets and Facebook comments, lots of people think Catherine and I are related.  I have never heard this until now.  She is also hearing the same thing.  We are very similar, yes, but I never thought we looked alike.  We are both blond, petite woman engineers…yes.  We both like sports…yes.  We both could spend our pay checks on etsy alone…yes.  But she is more smaller than me, shorter, has super curly hair, etc. Anyways…after thinking about it…I went to look at my wedding photos and BAM…this happened

"you both have huge mouths" - Kevin....that's what she said

So then I got all nostalgic and thought I would post wedding photos from my wedding(over 5 years ago…so no judging):



*insert inappropriate grunting*

I love this picture. THIS is Catherine spot on.

We had fun

O Ben

Let's go get drunk...


  1. How fun! I too love re-looking at wedding photos. I agree that y’all favor each other.

    I love your friends wedding hair. I might save it to show the hairdresser I want mine to be for my brother’s wedding in Oct if you don’t mind.

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