Flashback Friday – When I was pregnant before…

As I am pregnant at almost the exact same time I was before, thought I would share some photos from around the same stage I am now (34 weeks).

Landon Belly Dinosaurs

31 weeks

Landon Pregnancy Belly Tattoos

35 weeks


Nags Head Aquarium

35 weeks


Landon Belly 36 weeks

36 weeks

and for comparison AND to give you a little sneak peak of my maternity shots this go round (more coming next week!!!!)….

Maternity Shots 2012

33 weeks


  1. Love these! You look so friggin fantastic – then and now! Gotta say, I think your boobs are larger this time around. 🙂 Love you!

  2. omg, the new pictures are GORGEOUS! like, maternity model gorgeous. i love that blue color on you, & i love the 36 week picture from earlier — you look so confident.

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