2nd Birthday Part 2 – Ca Chow

Where da ladies at?

Landon loves Cars. He loves McQueen and Mater. We have watched it at least a hundred times. Then, what perfect timing, Cars 2 came out. And now we can’t go to any damn store without “Cars?…Mama Cars!”. Grocery, Target (sadly these are the only places we seem to go…) DAMN YOU DISNEY. Anyway, we saw this power wheels McQueen on the bulletin board at work(think craigslist for non-crazies). It was $75!!!!! How could we NOT buy it? Look at how much this goes for new! He can’t quite reach the pedals and steer at the same time but it won’t be long. And maybe this is me living out how I always wanted a power wheels as a kid….but whatever. Go on and judge, Judgy McJudgster. For now I will bask in the glory of being a cool mom


  1. I’m sure he was picking up all the little women at the party.

    I can just hear the pickup lines now “Yeah, this bad boy here does 3.5 miles an hour forward AND in reverse. Pretty sweet, huh?” “Yeah, it’s got Power Lock brakes. No biggie.”

    And rockin’ deal on the car, by the way.

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