Landon is 2!!!!

O sweet sleep

Today I awoke from a dream where I had another kid….almost 2 years to the hour when I gave birth to Landon.  Freaky.ass.shit.  But unlike other random birth dreams, it was pleasant and I recalled all the good things. I think it was a sign of his birthday to be filled with awesome. Anyway, the year marker 2 is here.  With it comes a super awesome toddler.  God I love this age.  He is learning faster than even I can process. Strangely I feel like I have MORE energy and look forward to running around and wrestling after a long day of work.

This week’s lessons: left and right, how to say “dyn-o-mite” with head shake, counting to 4 in spanish, “Tank you mommy” after everything and how to jump.  He makes me smile every day…no matter how many tantrums or battles we have had. He is such a little ham and always making you laugh when you are supposed to be mad. He pushes the limits like no other.  He loves Thomas, McQueen, Muno and Pablo.  He colors, paints, dances, sings, ‘cooks’, sweeps, splashes and steals the heart of most passer bys.  He loves his friends and family like a true Mann.  He sleeps through the night! He loves the older ladies. He has started using the potty. He loves pretzels, ice pops and broccoli. He has stinky feet. He can drive you to drink sometimes. All of this and so much more.

We love you Lando and know you are getting cuter everyday….

Party is tomorrow…then I will rock your face off with my craftiness.  Wait for it.


  1. Two is such a fun age, right? I love being able to have actual conversations and watch how much they learn and their little personalities (well, not ALL of the personality, but most of it!)

    Happy birthday to you little guy!!

  2. It has never occurred to me that, if I named some future son Landon, I would get to call him “Lando” for short.

    This makes the Star Wars geek in me EXCEPTIONALLY happy.

    It’s also possible that I’ve considered naming a child Hannibal (like the warlord, NOT the cannibal) so I could call him Han for short.


    Lizzy B.

    • NERDS UNITE! We thought of all short versions and decided none were bad. L, LT, Lando, Lando Commando, Landon Banando….nothing to be picked on about.

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