Things I Love – Bill’s Hot Dogs

If you think hot dogs are disgusted…just stop reading. I know they are full of nitrates and God knows what. Have you not read about my love of livermush {oh shut up autocorrect…it is a word}? Anyways…moving on. Bill’s Hot Dogs is a hole in the wall place in Washington, NC. I am not overstating hole in the wall. In operation since 1928, the original location is on the waterfront downtown (another in a nearby shopping center). There isn’t a lot still downtown due to a downtrodden economy but Bill’s is still cooking. There is nothing fancy, flashy…hell there aren’t even chairs. The screen door is wound really tight and slams behind you and the sign has seen better days…

Bill’s does one thing…hot dogs.  Greasy, delicious hot dogs. They have 2 condiments.  Nothing else. Red hot dogs cooked in grease, mustard, onions and their famous navy bean chili.  You can get a soda from the cooler if you want or some Lance chips…but that’s it.  They must be rolling in cash.  The line is always long but you can only order hot dogs…so it isn’t like you are waiting for a picky person. Their overhead has to be minimal.  3 ladies work the assembly line with no smiles.  Writing it out…it sounds pretty awful actually but the hot dogs and the chili..PERFECTION. So if you are ever in eastern NC and looking for a special place…check out Bill’s. You won’t be sorry.


  1. Love Bill’s Hot Dogs.
    Oh & that’s my friend’s car in the middle ha ha! He use to live in an apartment near there.

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