My Princess Complex Moment

I am not a high maintenance gal. I don’t require fine china or weekly massages. I don’t get my nails did with my guuurrls on the regular. I don’t require Starbucks lattes everyday. I like the simple things.  I do most of my shopping at Target and only spend more than $50 on running shoes. But I do have what I like to call “princess complex” item..


high thread count sheets

If you show me sheets with less than 500 thread count, I will scoff at you. Now I wasn’t always like this. I used to only care if they looked cute and matched….then something happened.  A wedding registry.  They were a “well that wouldn’t be awesome scan”.  800 thread count navy sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I figured no one would get them.  I was wrong.  Kevin’s cousin Billie Jean bought us those glorious sheets.  I can’t remember most of who got us what on that list…but I remember those sheets.  She gave me my first hit…and now I can’t go back.  We still have those sheets on the bed at the river and they are still like heaven. A few years ago I splurged after Christmas for 900 count sheets from target and they were epic as well and THEN for our anniversary Kevin got us 1000 count.  I think angels sang when I opened the package.  And when they are crisp and cool? ZOMG it is magical. So never again will I use the sheets that come with your “bed in a bag”.  I will carry my own case to unknown places. I am a princess damnit.

So what is your princess complex?


  1. I’m also addicted to good sheets. CostCo is my favorite supplier. My faves are 1000 thread count, cream, striped sheets. They are the ultimate in luxury. When I am in them, I luxuriate.

  2. I have never, not once, slept on more than 500 thread count sheets.
    ::ducks for cover::

    My princess complex is shampoo & conditioner. Don’t give me your store brand crap, my hair will laugh in the face of it and then spazz the hell out with frizz.

  3. That is not being a princess, that is being smart.

    I will up your princessness and say I only sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets. Not so concerned about the actual thread count (as long as it is 500 or above).

  4. I think I might have actually gotten the same sheets as you for my wedding. I love high thread count sheets, too. For our second anniversary (which is cotton), my hubby bought me sheets (1000-count, I believe). They feel AWESOME. They’re on our bed right now.

    I’m not a princess about a lot of things, but I’m definitely with you on the sheets!

  5. Yup, I’m right there with you on the sheets. I’m crazy about high thread count sheets! We also just updated our craptastic outdated bed with a new-and-amazing mattress (that is OUT of this world)! So, between the nice sheets and comfy new bed, I’m in total princess heaven 🙂

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