Things I Love – Cars Pull Back Racers

This is more of a what Landon loves but you get the point. As I mentioned in my post on entertaining yourself, Landon loves his small cars and trains.  He pretends they are in intricate situations where someone has to save them.  Could be Thomas, could be Sally.  There is always at least one with him everywhere. The Cars pullback racers are staples in the Mann household. We inherited our set from a lady I work with (Hi Dee!). We have almost every car from Cars 1 but by far his favorite is Sally (expensive taste…Oy).  They all get their time to shine though.  Just last night he and Kevin made a ramp with a blanket off the couch and raced them all. The squealing was divine.

They are solid little cars. They have survived throwing, water and general gnawing.  They are a great size for toddler hands.  I think this is the key to Landon’s favorite toys.  Anything he can tote around in each hand seems to be a favorite.  Sometimes he is standing at the front door with 4 of them saying “Mama hold Mater?” so we can just leave the house.  No man left behind I suppose. But like I said before, they seem great for imaginative play.  They have climbed to the top of Gordon’s hill (the slide) to escape the bees and raced to help out Thomas on many occasion. The only thing they can’t do is go to bed with him.  They rattle all night and make me want to stab a puppy. Otherwise they are the perfect toy.  Looking for a quick gift this holiday or for a birthday, you can’t really go wrong here. They now have them all for Cars 2 now check it out!

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