Toddler Dinners: The plates

April 9, 2012

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The number one question I am asked about toddler dinners has to be where I get my plates.  This makes me laugh every time.  I didn’t get ours because I thought it would make him eat better, it just kinda happened.  I think I got a hand me down Bob the Builder plate with dividers. I found it was the easiest to keep his food separate and visually see all he was eating in the food groups.  It also made sure to make smaller portions.

I then just started collecting them here and there. Most were clearance rack or dollar section finds. The majority are from Target. He never really comments on them and doesn’t seem to care which one he gets.  One thing that is nice is they are more durable. We keep them all in a low cabinet and he helps put away and get them out. I get a set of extra hands and it delays the whining for food.  Score!

So this week I thought I would share some plates I have found from different places.  I know I say Target and my international readers throw up their hands and curse “NOT AGAIN!” So I am branching out :) Some of these are pretty pricey. I have never paid these prices. I find deals when I get them. Look after holidays for marked down options. I have even had luck at the grocery store!

Walmart – 2 pack of melamine divider plate ($?)

Uncommon Goods – Novelty Plates & Utensils ($14.95-17.50)
Comes in Garden and Construction theme

Uncommon Goods – Mr. Food Face ($12)
We actually have this one but it is breakable and is a top cabinet.

Target – Melamine Zoo collection by Skip Hop ($11.99)

Target – Melamine train tableware set ($14.99)

Target – Blue Bunny set CLEARANCE ($4.98)

Amazon – Melamine sectioned plates Set of 4 ($12.99)

Pottery Barn – Geo Animal Divided Plates ($9)


And for the adults, I found some plates just for fun:

Uncommon Goods – Stoneware TV Dinner plates

Uncommon Goods – Pancake Plates

WARNING: Melamine is not microwavable. we do have some divided non BPA plastic plates that are. Either work just fine in the dishwasher.

Hopefully now you can find some fun plates to jazz up the routine.

And a small sample of toddler dinners from the week:

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