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One thing I looked forward to being pregnant again was Pregtastic podcasts.  They are a group mainly out of San Diego that get together once a week and they talk about…well…being pregnant.  It may just be a show where they talk about what they are going through but more often than not, there is a special guest on to talk about a topic.  Anything from gestational diabetes to newborn photography. When I was preggo with Landon, I listened to these ALL THE TIME.  On walks with the dog, long car rides alone and in my office.  I didn’t have any pregnant friends the first time around and so these were my “friends” to listen to about pregnancy woes and such. Now I have a gaggle of preggo friends thanks to the interwebz but I still like getting a refresher.

Before, I learned so much from here. I was a walking encyclopedia of gynogolical junk. I knew about water births, hypnobirths, kegels, miscarriage, pumping, newborn sleep and so much more. I felt so much more prepared. I even referenced them once he got here.

So I thought the most useful thing for this post would be to reference some of my favorite podcasts:

Exercise myths – Great info on what you can and can’t do during pregnancy. What to focus on. How to relax and get more energy.

Pumping and supply – I wish they had this one when I was pregnant before. It is my only regret with BFing.  I wish I would have pumped earlier but I didn’t know. I kept nodding my head during this one.

Sex during and after pregnancy – An OBGYN comes on to discuss the downlow of sex during and after pregnancy.  He also talks about the state of your hoo ha after birth.  Real talk…not fluff.

Baby blues and Postpartum Depression – Wish I would have listened to this before L but good info.

No Cry Sleep Solution – Stop reading pregnancy books…start reading BABY books.  Best advice I ever got while pregnant.  This is also an example.

What You Need To Know Before Breastfeeding – Great advice on preparing yourself.

There are plenty to choose from and they are always making more. You can subscribe through iTunes, follow on Facebook and twitter. Pick your poison. The same media group also has/had another show called New Moms New Babies for the infant stage. I loved this while breastfeeding in those in those early days. They have shows on sleep training, photographing your baby and fitness. They were great too. Plenty of free resources to get ready for that bundle of joy..and screams 🙂

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