Thing I Love – My Woot Necklace's pretty BAMF

Thank goodness for the interwebz. At Christmas, Kevin said “what do you want?” I hate knowing what I am getting but I understand. My plan was to just overwhelm him with things and then he would have a choice and I wouldn’t know what I was getting. Well touche Mr. Mann. He bought it all…and kept it for other events. So for valentine’s day, I got this gem. I can’t remember how I stumbled onto this but I LOVED it. I say ‘woot’ a good bit. Some might say, annoyingly so. And to them I say, suck it.

Ever since I have gotten this piece, I get either 1 of 2 reactions. A) “THAT IS SO AWESOME!” (and yes…yes it is) or B) “I don’t get it”. It is this small test that lets me know if you “get it” or not. If you are puzzled by the necklace, you probably aren’t going to like my snarky personality and dry sense of humor. You won’t understand that I am friends with people just from what they type. You probably think twitter is dumb. You probably don’t read my blog…so why am I ranting? Who knows?!

Anyway, PianoBenchDesigns has a variety of other jewelry pieces of similar awesomeness.  They haven’t paid me anything or know I exist.  I just love my necklace! Now I think I need one that says “BAMF”



  1. You, my dear, have just the sense of humor I enjoy. Quick, witty, and oh so sh@#tty! Great Necklace too, BTW!

    • YES! I am actually collecting to pins and going to print them out in different fonts and cover a board in my office. Well the appropriate ones at least. You know I need an accompanying photo with that. Wanna hook a sista up? 😉

  2. I don’t usually come back to read comments, but wanted to see what people had to say about this!
    Anyway yes I can hook you up for photos. Lemme know.

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