Gelaskins Review and Giveaway!

GelaskinsYou guys know how much I love my phone right? Like appendage love. Kevin calls it my “precious”. Which is funny because he sure does love his too. You know this by all my app reviews all over the place. I wake up to my phone and tell the internet goodnight. It’s like My Buddy for adults!

Gelaskins Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore

Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore (sides pieces not shown)

We have had a lot of skins and cases over time. With a nerdy husband that frequents tech blogs all day, we just HAVE  to have this or that deal. Ones for pure protection. Ones for style. All of them. With that, comes a hypersensitive critiquing process of them all.

But one day we stumbled upon Gelaskins and we have never looked back. iPhone, iPad, laptops, Androids, XBox 360s…you can skin anything.

First off, the artwork is breathtaking. They partner up with awesome artists including National Geographic, Frank Miller and even Tim Burton. Don’t like those options? You can design your own. We created one of Landon for Grandma’s Kindle Fire. On top of the awesome graphics, they look seamless on your device. You can even get the wallpaper to make it look like one seamless image the whole way around. I have gotten so many compliments on my skins over the last year. They really make your phone look outstanding.

So yes. They are skins. They provide no bump protection. Just scratches but the material used is more than just a plain ole sticker. They are sturdy vinyl stickers that can be adjusted if needed. Let’s just say I throw my phone in my purse all the time and the thing has NEVER budged but putting it on isn’t that nerve-wracking because they don’t tear! It is pretty impressive actually. I have never been disappointed with the quality and once again, seamless design. They run at different prices per device but an iPhone skin will be about $14.95 pending any sales going at the time. An iPad cover will be about $29.95.

BUT WAIT! They are now offering hardcases!!!!

Gelaskins Hardcase

Gelaskins Monad by Joan Saló

Gelaskins Monad by Joan Saló

Yup. The same awesome designs now come in hardcase ($30-$35 for iPhones only at this time) form for your iPhone. When we saw this, we were drooling. (Yup we are THAT nerdy). Then low and behold, I saw PaperMama on Instagram with my same skin. I commented how much I loved them and bippity boppity boo, they hooked K and I up with new hardcases to try out! HOORAY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA!

Well we weren’t disappointed. They are just a beautiful as the skins and solid construction. The colors are just as vibrant as the pictures. The polycarbonate material is super durable without loosing style. They lock on to the phone with a death grip…I know. I tried to pop it off for a picture! They are perfect.

Now onto the review from Kevin: They have enough space at the bottom to fit in all our docks. No hassle with trying to get the syncing cord in there. They provide great cutouts for the controls on the side and top without being rough on your fingers. This also means they aren’t likely to snag on things either.  The cutout for the camera is very nice and doesn’t leave space for debris to come in.

Gelaskins Red Metal by DAIM

Gelaskins Red Metal by DAIM

Now onto the fun stuff! Gelaskins has generously given me 2 gift certificates for $40 value  to give to 2 lucky winners! HOORAY!

To enter to win, you can do all or some of the following (leave a comment for each entry to be counted):
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I received a gift card for Gelaskins  to facilitate my review, but as always all opinions are my own. I already had bought plenty of Gelaskins on my own before ever getting in contact.


Don’t forget Gelaskins every day deals! Personalize your Devices with removable protection. Choose images from 100’s of great artists or upload your own designs! Buy any 3 GelaSkins, Get 1 Free!


  1. i just spent about 20 minutes browsing all the options for an iphone 4 (for MY precious) & i’m so torn between the cauldron I design & the peacock design. or maybe the rose collage. agh this is hard!

  2. Love these – I would get the Winona, Blue WIllow or Almond Branches on Bloom…or all three lol

  3. I would have to get a skin since I have an Android phone but I love that print to the right in your post.

  4. I’ve been looking for a new cover for my phone! I love so many of them. I think Up and Around or Almond Branches in Bloom or Peacock or Curious Embrace are my favorites.

  5. I would get the Sea Garden hard case for myself 😉 and then let my husband pick out his own cases with the remaining money. He’ll be getting a new iphone in a couple of months so this would be perfect!

  6. I would get the hard case (I drop my phone too much!) and I love the Sea Garden one…they designs are beautiful!

  7. How do these skins compare to models by Speck or InCase? My CaseMate skin design is COOL looking but the design of how it fits the phone is kinda weird.

    Do these cases stack up and kick other cases butts?

  8. I would get a hard cover for my mom’s phone. It’s a Windows phone, not sure which model off the top of my head. I would let her choose, but I’m guessing she would pick Night by Christina Song.

  9. I like the trees! I think I would get it for my nano … or wait until I upgrade my phone in September to an iphone or droid! (currently blackberry .. boo)

  10. We have so many devices that I could think of using gelaskins for, it would be hard to decide. The nice wife in me would order something for the hubs for father’s day for one of his gaming systems but part of me would also love a skin for my iPhone or my iPad : )

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