Instagram Magnets by PicPack {A Giveaway!}

It’s about time I start pimpin out more Instagram goodies around this joint. Holidays are coming and multiselecting your perfectly filtered food pics to make into fun keepsakes is the new hotness, yes? Yes. Fast, easy and meaningful to Grandma or whoever! I’ve done quite a few Instagram projects.

Prints into wall collage

Prints to friends right from my phone

Prints right to my Walgreens and picked up on my lunch

I did some canvases from Instacanvas that I LOVE and will be getting more of.

We even have custom skins and cases for our devices with Instagram prints!

But I was recently contacted by PicPack to try out a sampling of their magnets and I have to say they are pretty swell. Based out of Europe, they strive for the best materials for their product and, my favorite, speedy service. I put in my order one evening about 8pm. I got an email around 3am saying they were done and on their way to shipping. Since they are international, it took about a week to get here but still, that is impressive. The price for a pack of 12 is 18 EUR ≈ 23 USD.

Magnets from PicPack

 The thing I like about them is the size. I know other magnet makers are make them much smaller. The measure 5.8 x 5.8 cm (2.2in square). That means they can also hold up a lot more on the fridge and when your kid makes gems like these…


you need some hefty magnets {and a good sense of humor}. Landon has already claimed his favorite (he and his BFF, of course) and I just adore them all.

Well now it’s your turn! PicPack has agreed to giveaway a set of magnets for free!

To make this fun, to enter, you must leave a comment asking me a question. Anything. Could get interesting 🙂 I will draw at lunch on Monday the 16th. Other ways to enter can be seen below.

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  1. When deciding to have more children were you nervous about going through the newborn stage again?And if so, how did you work with that?

    (this comes from a mom of twins who tentatively thinks about having a third and then I realize I am still scarred from their newborn stage and I say NO WAY)

  2. Do you or Kevin visit the boys at all during the day? Ever since I finished nursing C I’ve felt like the neglectful mom since I barely go see him, when before I was there once or twice a day.

  3. Disclaimer: My BF and I like to play weird what-if games. Here goes….. Would you rather cut off both your pinky toes for $10,000 or have no fingernails for the rest of your life for $5,000?

  4. I don’t usually enter these things but those are so cute! Lets see….

    As a fellow female engineer, I’m always curious how other women were drawn to what is still a fairly male dominated profession. Did you have someone you knew who was an engineer and encouraged you or did it just “happen” naturally?

  5. I have been wondering how and why you and your husband decided to use the cry it out method of sleep training? I found your blog by googling 4 month sleep regression, so you can see how this is pertinent to my interests. We also ended up doing cry it out, but I feel like I can’t talk about it around my peer group because so many people think it’s cruel. Have you experienced any of that? Did you have friends who tried to talk you out of it?

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