Abandoning Ship on Instagram? Print those puppies with Printstagram! {Giveaway}

Printstagram GiveawayBefore the “ZOMG THE INTERNET WANTS TO MAKE MONEY OFF ME” panic, a good number of people were asking me where they could get Instagram prints. We love those little hipster squares. They represent entire years of what we do from the food we eat to the moment our baby is born. It is so representative of the Mann family, it was our Christmas card. A snapshot of me in a pile of doughnut boxes, a halloween costume, a summer day watching bees on the back porch…all part of US.

Then back in the spring, Diane came up with the idea to put them in Landon’s frames over his dresser. I had a plan other than “PRINT ALL THE PICTURES”. Pick Landon’s favorites. His trains, his best friend, playing in the pool, etc. It was gonna be great. It’s then I found Printstagram.

My major reasons for picking them over competion was :

  • I could login with my Instagram account and it would go get them from the links. Services like PostalPix required them to be on my phone(HA!).
  • The prices.
  • The website was designed well (I am a web design snob).

I went about using it and loved the simplicity. Pick a product, pick the photos(I did the large squares) and order. Boom. It was a great interface. It kept a running total of the photos chosen.  Easy peasy.

When they came it was like rediscovering moments all over again. Landon got so excited. He wanted to take them to bed. Carry them in the car. And he did! They withstood a 3 year old. 10 POINTS FOR QUALITY! Everything was stupendous except for 1 thing.The shipping. I didn’t pay attention and the email said 2-4 weeks! HOLY MOLY. THEN when they finally came, they had to be signed for and wound up at the post office for pick up, PAIN.

Instagram Grid WallSo I waited. I had promised people a review. I was conflicted. The project looked awesome. The prints were just so nice…but  2-4 weeks shipping was just not something I could pass off as acceptable. But one day recently someone asked me about prints on Twitter and I told them my dilemma. Immediately the folks at Printstagram tweeted me back “We changed our shipping policy. Now 2-4 days!” HOORAY! Right then I emailed them my situation and they were more than happy to help.

They sent me a few products to check out the new shipping and 3 days later BLAMO…at my door. I ordered a set of mini-squares, squares and a book of stickers for Landon’s stocking. Once again, the quality is fantastic. The paper they print on is really sturdy and have a smooth finish. The minis are an adorable 2.5×2.5 format. Perfect for gifts tags and other projects. The stickers are adorably tiny and perfect for a quick gift. I highly recommend it ALL!

So if you are planning to ditch your Instagram account, come print them all before you do it and if you are staying…print them anyway! They are so fun.

Now Printstagram has hooked me up with a giveaway of one product of a winner’s choosing from their line (excludes posters, memory box and calendar). To enter to win:

Leave a comment saying what product you would want from the following (Mandatory):

  • Prints
  • Stickers
  • Minibook
  • Tinybook
  • Mini Prints

Tweet about the giveaway (optional).

Instagram about the giveaway (optional).

I will draw the winner at 2pm on January 4th.

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Disclosure: Printstagram gifted me the prints and stickers for review and one giveaway prize. All opinions are my own.


  1. I’m torn between wanting magnets and prints. I’d probably settle on prints though since they’d be a little more versatile in what I could use them for.

  2. I would love a minibook! I have a 15 month old (today!) and I have not printed ANY photos of him! I think this would really help me get the process started! love your photos and blog 🙂 happy holidays!

  3. PRINTS!!!! we are moving in to a new house (hopefully soon) and Pinterest has left me dying to do a collage.

    That, and on my buck list one of my items is to win something. Anything. Seriously, you can go look. 😉

  4. I’d love a set of stickers! I’ve tried to use Printsagram before but it won’t correctly import my photos. This is a great chance to give them another try.

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! You get the picture 🙂 bahaha. Been waiting for this review :). And would love the mini book and or prints 🙂

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