Christmas in Photos

I actually got both boys awake and interacting on Christmas day in good lighting. Truly a Christmas Miracle. I was pretty proud of a few…of course with my 50mm cranked down to f/1.8 because I am a glutton for punishment (my body motor doesn’t support AF on it…so me hasta manual focus moving children…).

Even the blurry I couldn’t delete.

And the “he’s a sweet baby” hug photo

And the grand finale. He truly LOVES watching his big brother and this photo captured it perfectly.

We even managed a family photo

Even Jack joined in…but getting us all to look at the camera was just not happening…so this was the best we got:


  1. Your kids are precious! Love that Landon is enjoying his big brother role.

    We attempted family photos and got one good one; the ten week old looked the best with a smile and looking straight at the camera! Tried having the two kids done but E had Satan’s smile so no-go. Maybe next year!

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