First off, can I tell yall how excited I am that so many people are finding and loving this series?  I am getting redonkulous traffic from Pinterest and so many questions and emails from people all over the place.  It makes me giddy.

Anyway, one of my biggest questions I get is how do you feed a vegetable hater veggies?  Well luckily I don’t have a veggie hater…but I feel your pain.  Landon refuses to try new things that make no sense.  Like the spaghetti earlier this week. WTF? Anyway, even though Landon will eat a nice variety of veggies, I have found other ways to get it in too.

  • Smoothies – I haven’t done a ton of this but I hear people swearing by it.  Throw in a handful of spinach with their favorite fruits.  There are tons of recipes online.
  • Dips – I found letting him pick a dip made it more in his control.  L is definitely a kid needing some control.  Using choices in our house is magical. “Do you want hummus or dressing for your carrots?”
  • Apple sauce pouches – They are everywhere now. They have fruits and veggies pureed together.  Go to the baby food aisle.  You can find all kinds. Landon likes Ella’s Kitchen Broccoli, Peas and Pears.  who knew?
  • Sauces – I haven’t really done this but I have heard people put in pureed veggies into pasta sauces and such to up the veggie count.
  • Fruit/Veggie leather – Trader Joes makes these. He loves fruit leather.  If I swap in a veggie one, he never notices
  • Novelty – Chomping broccoli “trees”, the sound of a carrot stick being crunched, making people out of veggie pieces and eating them all zombie like.  Anything goes here. Just make it fun.

So how do you sneak veggies in your kid? Any tricks?

A selection from our week including dining out and SOUP!:



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