Welp. I’m officially outnumbered


“I can’t get rid of you
I don’t know what to do
I don’t even know who is growing on who
‘Cos everywhere I go you’re there
Can’t get you out of my hair
Can’t pretend that I don’t care – it’s not fair

I’m being punished for all my offences
I wanna touch you but I’m afraid of the consequences
I wanna banish you from which you came
But you’re part of me now
And I’ve only got myself to blame

You’re really growing on me
(Or am I growing on you?)”
The Darkness – Growing on Me

Welp, much to Landon’s dismay, Dolphin is 100% healthy boy. Spent the ultrasound squirming, talking and being cute. Measuring right on time and clocking an impressive 6 oz. We saw brains, kidneys, 4 chambers of the heart and, of course, his penis. Landon was interested for about 3 seconds before he was back to Shaun the Sheep.

I am pretty pleased with my gaggle of boys now. It’s gonna be a rough house for quite a few years around here :).


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