Ode to Kevin

You guys usually hear the funny stories about Kevin or the sweet daddy son moments around these parts but I don’t really discuss “him” that much. I have my reasons but today I am switching it up a bit over at Liberating Working Moms and saying  THREE CHEERS FOR DADDY!

I know we like to get on here and be all “RAH RAH…I am working mama…hear me roar!” but truth is, my household is a real 50/50 balance. I wouldn’t be able to juggle my day without my partner in crime parenting. Of course we are all about supporting the working mom but we can’t lose sight of the working dad either.  Their role isn’t easy either. If it is 50/50…they are sharing the same balancing act as us. So lets hear it for the boy, lets give the boy a hand…if you will….[keep reading].

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