If you give a mom a crib nap…

Oliver Brandy NurseryShe can do laundry.

She can take a shower.

She can watch Scrubs on Netflix.

She can blog.

She can eat with both hands.

She can wash all the bottles, pump parts, and pacifiers.

She can text with her BiFFs.

She can clean out her closet.

She can do NOTHING.

She can scrub a bathroom.

She can breathe.

And if you give a mom 2 crib naps?



  1. Love this! It holds so much truth. Everyone told me E would sleep all day as a newborn. HA! The days she actually took a nap were the days where I could greet my husband at the door after a shower, brushed teeth, and something besides yoga pants.

  2. Truth!! Good for Oliver!

    If you need another series to watch, Raising Hope is also on Netflix. It’s bizarre but hilarious!

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