Wordless Wednesday: Ollie the Loud Eater

OK so mostly wordless. Ever since Oliver was born, people comment on how cute he sounds when he nurses. The lactation consultant at the hospital was just amazed. He squeaks and moans and all kinds of stuff. This is also another reason cosleeping is just dumb for us. But I totally forget about it. Since being back at work and nursing at lunch, other moms have been commenting on how adorable it is and I thought I should document this for the future. Something to look back on and go “awwwww”. I also didn’t want to show you my boobs on here so I made a short audio track and slapped some photos to go with it. Enjoy.


  1. Hey Ladie,
    Not that this is worth much, I know you’ve been to more than your share of LCs but the sound of that (which is so adorbs) makes me think of a fast flow, whick could have something to do with his upset-ness. Just thought I would mention because with Stella I had fast flow and oversupply = very pissy and colic for four months.

    Love you and your darling family, as always, thanks for sharing xoxo

    • Aw thanks for thinkin of me. I am the opposite of oversupply. πŸ™‚ He makes that noise when it first starts or when there is nothing there…just a chirper. He seems to be becoming a much happier baby. No more tummy troubles that we can see. πŸ™‚

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