And then the baby wasn’t the baby anymore…

ollie6Dear Ollie,

You are 2. Dear lord, are you 2. You argue to just argue. You throw yourself on the floor with full drama when you get something taken away. It’s Emmy award winning, really. Wherever do you get that from? I have NO idea.

You may be turning 2 but really? You’ve been here. You are growing up so much faster than your brother. You watch him. You mimic him. You say “laser sharks” and I about die from laughter every time.

ollie3Opinions? Oh you got em. You know exactly what you want and when you want it. When your feet hit downstairs, it’s “milkaplease” while you are ripping open the fridge (oh yeah you can do that) and trying to even get the gallon jug down. You want “dippy” on your plate even though you never use it. You will eat your weight in fruit and beans but side eye pretty much every piece of meat you see. And I call BS that you “no like it” considering that for the right incentive, you will eat everything. You also now watch an iPod in the car to and from school and know how to work that thing better than Landon did at your age. You just gotta work on your selfies. A lot of car roof, dude.

You are me, Ollie Beans. As much as daddy laughs about it, it is so true. You sass like me. You side eye like me. You are stubborn as shit. You get eaten by mosquitos like me. You are pale like me. You are determined like me. It’s really kinda terrifying.

ollie4You are now a little fish. You started the pool season being timid and only getting in under protest and then calming down. A few weekends ago, you spent the whole weekend with Daddy and he got you a Puddle Jumper all of your own. I came back to a baby that just putters around the whole pool. No one holding you. Blowing bubbles and kicking up a storm. It’s adorable to watch.

Your favorite people include:

  • Daddy
  • Lan lan
  • Grammy
  • Juju
  • Granddaddy
  • Aunt Aly
  • Aunt Sarah
  • Aunt Rebecca
  • Uncle Jeff
  • Uncle Dude
  • Carly
  • Georgie
  • ‘Scilla
  • Kimmie
  • Robin
  • Mommy (bottom of the list unless there are snacks)

ollie2As for activities, you love being outside. Whatever that is. Going for walks, swimming, drawing with chalk, playing in sand. You would happily just play outside all the time. As for TV, you like Yo Gabba Gabba and then latch onto whatever Landon watches (Mokemon is adorable when you say it). You usually wander off to play with something though. The only constant in TV land is your love for music videos or “da da da”. We explore new ones together because I figure I can’t screw you up as bad if I guess wrong as Landon. You like “Fancy” but just don’t sing it at school, okay?

Your birthday party was perfection. So much so that I really took little photos. Your friends came over for a pool party. We all swam, snacked and swam so more. I carried your cupcake to the steps and everyone sang to you from the pool and you didn’t know how to blow out the candle. You devoured that cupcake too. That’s my boy!

ollie7You and your brother are still heart warming to me together. When you opened your presents, Landon was sure to ask if you wanted him to help you build your Duplos and when he asked “ollie can I take one of your Dustys to bed?” and you said “yup”. He said “thank you” and you said “welcome, Lan Lan”. ::dead:: You hug him. You share (most of the time) and ask for his help when you know he can help you. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say you relationship makes me almost burst into tears on the daily. DON’T MAKE ME SUCH A SAP, BEANS! I HAVE A REP!

Ollie, you are gonna show us terrible twos, I think. You seem to be bottling up 3 behavior already…so go easy on us, will ya?



One thought on “And then the baby wasn’t the baby anymore…

  • July 28, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Just the other day, I ran across CJ’s first selfie . . . taken at 18 months. Both kids are now experts at them — heck, The La did one with a camera that was only front-facing.

    It’s a wonderful age — enjoy it.

    Though babies no longer being babies is total bullshit.


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