Houses, CPR, and more!

Well you can thank Mother Nature for today’s post. We have been so busy this week that I haven’t had time to do this but it has rained buckets all day and Jack is walking on the treadmill while I blog :). First off, we are enrolled in a CPR training class at work. It is 4 days 5:30-8. We have done 2 classes this past week and 2 more this coming. It is so boring and eats into valuable blogging/eating/tv watching time. We have even had to get friends and family(thanks guys) to come watch Jack in the evenings so he isn’t lonely. Anyway, by Wednesday, we should be certified. Joy.

Second, we are looking down the path of possibly moving. We figure we want to in the near future and might as well do it now while A) there is only 2 of us(plus jack) and I can still provide some helping hands and B) the interest rates are really low. The biggest IF in the equation is being able to sell our house. It is a weird market. So we figure, we can try and list ours and see what happens. If no one bites, then we stay…no different than our situation now. If they do, whoo hoo…because inventory for us is awesome. So we have spent our other evenings cleaning up the house and doing little fix ups. We don’t have a lot to do to our house, but just make it more model like with less crap out. It is kinda nice because it makes me actually clean instead of just doing the usual things :).

Also, yesterday on my morning of errands, I FINALLY found Mario Kart. We have been playing all weekend…it is too fun! We even started playing online today…so if you have mario kart and wanna race, just let us know :).

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