A spoon full of sugar does what again?

I hope it gets rid of headaches. Man…I am getting them about every other day. They start right behind the eyes and usually only sleep can help. But of course when I feel crappy, I reach for comfort food….and the comfort food of this week has been Lucky Charms. Holy moly they are freakin sugar heaven.

However, these mild headaches are about all I have…so I can’t really complain. I have officially started not liking to be on my stomach. At the gym this week, she had us on our tummies for all sorts of things and I just had to give up. Also being on my back for a good while isn’t really comfortable anymore. It isn’t the baby pushing down or anything, it just isn’t doing it for me. This is kind of a relief. I have been worried since it was seeming like that was the only way I could get back to sleep. I knew I was going to have to give it up in a few weeks so it is nice nature is helping me out :).

On another front, I am starting to look at baby gear. Just the big stuff for now. It is kinda fun doing all my internet research. I think I have my crib narrowed down and possibly the dresser/changing table(although this was depends more on the crib than safety regulations). The lovely Websters let me check out consumer reports online and I found that the crib I am eyeing is #2 in it’s catgeory! Hooray! Along with the baby gear, I officially have 4 pairs of maternity pants now :). Sarah and I went shopping last weekend and got a pair of khakis from the Gap maternity and a pair of jeans from Old Navy. Then yesterday I met Jen out at Kohls with a big coupon and got a pair of capris. But the best news is when I went to drop off stuff at Goodwill, I thought I would take a shot and looked there. They had the EXACT pair I wanted at Old Navy but they didn’t have my size…and these were $3.65!!!! I am so excited!

Well that is all the news for now. I am hoping to get the camera out to get a picture of my little bump. I keep meaning to and forget.

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