I am excited to announce that we finished a project for the baby’s room. When I bought my bedding, it came with a crib sheet, blanket, and a bumper. The ruling on bumpers now are that they constrict air flow in the crib and can causes SIDS. This could all be paranoia but I figured better safe than sorry. Plus you have to take them down once the kid can stand anyway…so it doesn’t get a very long life. Now I got the bedding for a bargain, so I didn’t feel too bad not using it. Then I started thinking that I could just use the fabric for something else. I googled around and found some different ideas and then talked with a few people and came up with window cornices! The bumper is the right height and it could be an easy project. So behold….my new cornices:

Now I still have some fabric left over…so who knows what the next project will be 🙂


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