Dear Thumper: Week 37

Dear Thumper,

You are all grown up now! Now you are just packin on the pounds…welcome to mommy’s world :). You really are so big. My belly is like a rock…until you start your evening aerobics and try to fight your way out Alien style. I know it is cramped in there, but it will be over soon I promise. Tomorrow we go to see the Dr. Last week you were head down and growing like a big boy. He guessed you were around 6 lbs so far. I know you have gained this week too.

We have now finished our marathon of showers. You have all kinds of stuff. The girls at work made you personalized onesies! They are so cute and you will be adorable in them. You room is all done and all your clothes put away. Your seat is in the car, our bags are packed and now we are just waiting on you.

Daddy is giddy to meet you and I am ready to see my little prize fighter 🙂

We love you!

Mommy & Daddy

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