Movin on down….

Well we had our 37 week appointment Friday. It was short and sweet. I took Dr. Seidel a picture of my belly from the 4th of July. I think I made his day :). Anyway, he felt around on my belly and said he has definitely dropped. He was feeling really low under my bulge and said he could feel his little neck right above my pelvis…so his head fits! YAY! He said that just saved me a few hours of labor :). He also seems face down…but technically all this could change…but it would hurt if that happened. I also am measuring back down to 36 weeks…so he definitely has gone down :). I can’t tell much of a difference really. My belly button has gone back in now and if I have to sit up for long, I can feel little hands or elbows in my upper thighs. He is still really active and sometimes it takes my breath away. We determined that sometimes he streches out his legs and his butt goes down one side….and I feel like my ribs are going to snap. I think it just scares me more than anything.

The one down is that I officially have a consistent prego pain. The top of my belly hurts like a really bad bruise and then when I touch the skin, it feels numb. I asked the Dr. about it and apparently it is just the muscles have been pulling down and then it is pulling nerves as well. So they are stretched and hurting and then the numbness is because the skin level has redistributed in a sense. It sucks and nothing seems to help. I keep thinking it is my bra digging in but removing that does nothing. I think it is just plain ole gravity irritating it…but no. I go home and lay down and still nothing. O well. I am in the short rows…and it should all be over soon. I get “checked” starting next week to see if anything is going on down there.

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