How To Cut A Pepper

This may seem really silly to some but I finally found the perfect, less mess way to cut a pepper. Landon eats them A LOT. I have to make sure he doesn’t try and bite them in the store. So ever wonder how to clean it without all the seeds everywhere and how to make those pretty rings? You are in luck.

How To Cut A Pepper

1. Look at your beautiful pepper.  Make sure there are no toddler bite marks.

2. Cut off the top. Right through the stem.

3. Sit that pepper up.

4. Cut off the bottom like the top. Only take a little. Just enough to get the bumpy part flatter.

5.  In a circular motion, cut around in the inside and pull out the guts.

6. Cut into rings. VOILA. You can use the top and bottom cuts for grilling or flavor (rather than presentation).

Now you can move on with your day. I know you are THRILLED. 🙂


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