What to do with a toddler – Idea 2

This is the second installment of ‘What to do with a toddler”.  It is getting nicer outside but we still have the off days.  Recently Landon has been really into pouring things into other things.  In the bathtub, it’s water.  In the sandtable, it’s sand.  This idea came from Kevin’s grandmother, who used to teach preschool.  She used rice in her sensory tables over rice to save on mess.  One morning I sat him down at his table and gave him a bowl of rice and some cups and VOILA!  He had a blast.  If he spills it, whatever.  He will sit there for a long time just pouring and scooping.  Easiest activity ever.  All you need is one of those gigantic bags of rice from the store and some plastic cups and spoons.  Enjoy!


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No worries...I can eat it!


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