Flashback Friday – Old Blue

So confession time, I am jonsing for a smaller car. We don’t need a new car. Mine is only 3 years old. Great condition (minus the dog hair and leaves inside). Paid for. But here is my justification.

1) Gas prices suck donkey dick right now. Not going to sugar coat that. We use my car for going to work(we already carpool since we work at the same place and daycare is across the street) and I am currently getting about 22-23 mpg.

2) We don’t need my car for car trips. When we got my car, we were upgrading from my civic to carry a baby and a 70lb dog. No more sedan my friends. Since then, we have traded in Kevin’s Element(4 seats) and gotten a nice big Pilot for traveling and hauling more people(7 seats!) and things. We don’t need mine for that.

3) The trade value on my car is great(go Honda!). And the car I want, will be less money…so we come out ahead (potentially)!

So what I want is a Honda Fit. 2 family members are have them. I love them. They are versatile. I can still haul the dog in the back or fold down one side of seats for him. Much better MPGs and just plain fun to drive. I want a manual too.

And NOW I get to the flashback part of this post (you were starting to wonder right?). I am of the small subset of American women that can drive a stick shift. HOLLA! I was taught to drive via my parents (and then my) 81′ Honda Accord. His name was Blue. In middle school, I learned I was getting it as my car at 16. I was mortified! I mean my parents brought me home from the hospital in that car!!!!! It was 2 door, hatchback, electric blue and even had blue interior! Jealous much? Anyway, I sucked it up and took what I was given. Then something happened…I freakin loved that car. NO ONE had my car. You knew it was me…and hell, it was ‘vintage’ right? I had fun times in that car (not that way, dirty minds). I drove for fun sometimes. When I left for collage, it wasn’t the most sound to be driving 3 hours to and from school, so we had to sell him. It was very sad…and I still wish I had it…so this post is for you Blue. You will be missed.

No judging
Old Blue
Sweet Jebus I was tiny

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Old Blue

  • April 29, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I think having a crappy first car makes a 16 year old pretty much well awesome…mostly because that’s what I had. We couldn’t afford a coold new Civic or Prelude like some of the girls in my school. Oh no, my first “car” we called the Green Beast. It was my dad’s 1972 Ford truck. Manual. 3/4 Ton. Sounded like a diesel, but it wasn’t. It would cost over $100 to fill BOTH tanks of gas when gas was only .98/gal because the tanks were just that big. I seriously loved that truck.

    Photo of a truck like it, only ours sat up higher: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/1970-1979-ford-trucks-12.jpg

    Also? I love that you are standing barefoot in barkmulch. Hehehe.

  • April 30, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Now I know why I was tasked to find that picture!

  • May 4, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    I can drive a stick shift too, so proud of that! We rock.


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