Evolution of a nursery

Lovely ain't it?

I knew when we laid out the nursery, there would be an evolution of changes. Babies grow up but I was always curious if we just made horrible choices. Well I am glad to say, we didn’t! Things have changed, yes, but I wanted to go over what all we did and how it is now.

To recap, here were some posts from the preggo days:

Family Time

Family Wall

One of my favorite things was the family wall above the changing table.  This was one of my best ideas, I think!  I wanted to do it for Landon to know family faces that aren’t around all the time.  It has been great. He likes to stand up on the table in his PJs at night and pick out people.  He even knows Aunt Sarah is on the top row!  The only downside of this was the relative height about the changing table.  Once he was big enough, he loved pulling them off…but that is where my genius kicked in.  When I hung them, I was so concerned about getting them straight….and they aren’t all perfectly the same.  I found these picture hanging strips.  They are perfect. No holes and you don’t have to be perfect.  They are basically velcro to snap them to the walls so you can eye ball the reposition easily.  I HIGHLY recommend these. When he pulls one down to look at, I can just pop it right back up…and switch them around!

Drawer of supplies


Also to note, we can replaced the basket with diapers on top with a humidifier.  The diaper stuff was fine up there early on but once he was big enough to sit up, he just wanted to pull everything down or kick it.  All the supplies are now in the top drawer.  Much cleaner looking as well. Notice we also keep a couple of toys either on top of the tower or in the drawer for keeping him entertained.  That phone has saved many-a-meltdown.

Baby surveillance is a must


My big project from the moment I saw the bedding was the wall art.  I wanted something unique and not too baby-ish.  First  I wanted a mural.  I had it all planned out.  I would project custom image to match the bedding and paint it myself.  I knew it would be hard work, but totally awesome.  I mean LOOK AT THIS!!!! Well I designed in Photoshop for weeks.  I would have a big M in the middle and then smaller letters around it.  Then I got a projector from work and brought it home.  Alas, the room was too short to project it correctly.  Blurg.  So I scaled back and decided to do 3 giant prints of each letter of his name.  That way, if I got tired of them, I could replace them easily.  So the new project was born.  I agonized over these damn letters.  I spent HOURS and HOURS in Photoshop.  I even made 3 different first letters for his first name because we weren’t sure.  Then a few weeks before birthin, I went to Staples and got them printed 20×20.  They weren’t “cheap” but there will never be another set like them.  BTW, the customer service at Staples was great and they even let me have a strip of it printed first so I could make sure the colors matched(which they didn’t) and they didn’t charge me. Kudos to them!  So I am happy to report, we haven’t even moved these suckers.  I still love them and I haven’t once gotten tired of them.  Now you will notice the cord from the baby cam between the l and t. That is a new addition :).



Reading is Fun!

Obviously, once Landon got old enough to really ‘play’ with toys, we needed to make them easier to get to in his room.  We started with an armour from our bedroom set with books and toys but then moved it out and replaced with some Target shelves.  He can reach everything and pick out his books.  Sweet Lord does this boy love books.  I decided to do a small tribute to my love of dinosaurs up top there.  The key point are the super cute prints from falldowntree on Etsy.  I had ordered a print before Landon was born and then got this trio for Christmas.  I just love them and want more stuff from them but can’t justify it :(.

Anyway, everything else is mostly the same as I started.  Still have the cornice boards made from the bumper, classic children’s book characters, custom pillow from Emily, and a jam packed closet.  Have a question, fire away.  I love the room now and it gets the job done!


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