Kickin’ it…literally

I am starting a kickball team. That’s right…I have not grown up yet. At work, they have a recreational league for kickball. I am in the process of setting up a team of my coworkers. The rules are simple but include changing the size of the ball each inning, and switching which way you run the bases. This should be fun.

The hardest part though, is coming up with a name. In my hunt for a cute name, I ran across a few sites that help out with the process. Gotta love the net. – a very good selection here with names like:

  • We Do Kickin’ Right
  • Swift Kick In The Grass
  • The Children Left Behind

We also have come up with a few to choose from…what do you think??

Kickulum Baseways(the product we all work on is Curriculum Pathways)
Kick Me(we all wear Kick Me signs on our backs)
Kickin’ It Old School
U4 Lunch(we all work on the 4th floor of building U)
Curriculum Pathways Punishers

And excuse the site for a bit, I am working on a better look…I don’t like the current one.

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