Websites, kickball and jelly pants O MY!

Well it has certainly been a busy week thus far. First off, I updated the river’s website this week. Check it out: I am quite proud! It can give you non-river folk a sense of what goes on. I was constantly being fussed at for not updating enough so I setup another blog and will update them on there. Easy peasy.

Yesterday was our first night kickball game. It was freakin HOT but at least there was some shade and a nice breeze. Not sure if we won or not but I did get 2 RKIs(runs kicked in for you non-kickballers). We did not pop any balls and Anissa made a double play that was pretty impressive. We were down a bunch of boys so I think we ended up with 3 boys and 7 women. Everyone brought the kiddos (since we have 2 couples on the team) so we had lots of fun. I took some shots of the kiddos after the game playing if you want to see. The little blondies are Brandon and Cameron. The sweaty brown headed one is Evan and the snapple lovin fool is Cooper! The cutie corgy is Forrest. It was definitely a 3 ring circus!
And on to Jelly Pants. I know some of you are reading this and are thinking “what the hell?”. Well my friends, jelly pants are pants that us river folk like to wear in the water to protect us from jellyfish. Pantiehose works as well but we find them harder to move around in and they just aren’t very comfortable. Instead we opt for a sexy option of workout apparel from the 1980’s. Remember the Physical video from Olivia Newton John? Yeah that would be them. We currently have them in neon pink, purple and blue. So tonight I go on the hunt for these lovely numbers. Think Walmart is a safe bet?

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