How I Find Time To Work Out

So some of you saw earlier this week the good news. I am now a contributing writer for one of my favorite blogs! Liberating Working Moms.  I love all the gals over there and I am all about their mission.  I love being a working mom and I want to cheerlead anyone who wants to choose that. Well today is my first post.  I chat about how I find time to work out as a working mom and to be mom.  Why I do it, how I do it and some tips of getting exercise in WHILE being a mama.  So go check it out!

When I mention I work out most days, working moms look at me like I have 3 heads. Yes, I find time to work out at least 3 times a week. Job, kid, blogging and *GASP* pregnant. I do it all and find myself down if I don’t squeeze in a run here or a body sculpt class there. To me, it is a priority but that doesn’t mean it is easy either….read more.


  1. LOVE LOVE it! I did a half when g was 15 months and am training for another one… though this time I feel like I actually have a little bit more time to ACTUALLY train. I’m pretty thrilled. Got some new shoes… and sweatybands… and cute outfits. Awesome. I heart workout gear.

  2. Congratulations on contributing! I’ve peeked around that website for a few weeks now (as well as yours) – great to see you over there as well! 🙂

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