Working with Style…on the Internets!

Welcome to my office!

So this is kinda random. This week I had to dress for something new. The camera. The video camera. In my office. Crazy. Not only that, but my audience was about 60 high school kids. WHA????

On Friday I was asked to chat with fellow working mama Kristine‘s class of high schoolers about my job. She teaches business and wanted to chat with an employee of a Fortune 100 company. Enter me! So Friday morning I had to come up with what to wear. My goals:

  • Show I work in a relaxed environment but not my usual slouchiness 🙂
  • Be flattering
  • Wear enough makeup that I didn’t look dead
  • Show how cool I am to teenagers
  • Minimize the giant boobs

Just thank goodness they can’t see my unbuttoned jeans….

It was really fun to answer the questions. Even the silly ones 🙂 I do have to say I was envious of the girl with the pink streaks in her hair. Oh I wish I were hip.

So how did I do?

I am linking up with Alicia over at Liberating Working Moms for our series on working with style. Come link up and follow working mama outfits throughout the week on Instagram with the hashtag #officefashionshow


  1. Good Lord you are adorable. Seriously, you. My pocket. Let’s get that figured out. I’d say mission accomplished! And some of those boys were probably all, DAMN, that’s a MILF!

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