1 Month Until My “Vacation”

Maternity LeaveMaternity leave…it’s coming y’all. I am a month to go. I recently divluged my struggle with coming up with a maternity leave plan at LWM with the thoughts of PPD/PPA still in my memory bank. Should I take less because I was batty last time or should I take more and live it up in my “last” pregnancy? Cmon over and help me.

…Last time I had no clue what I wanted to do. I had guessed I would be antsy to come back. The thought of talking to adults, seeing my coworkers that I love and being creative were things I knew I needed. All the reason’s I am a working mom, really. I knew it before Landon got here but people kept telling me “you will think differently when you are cuddling that baby”.

Well guess what? I was right ::neener::

But I was batty.  With the onset of PPD and troubles with anxiety, I quickly realized I was right all along…I wasn’t cut out for being home all day…[keep reading]

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