Newborn Tip of the Week #3 {Babywearing}

For added nap effectiveness of baby wearing, play white noise on your iPhone while you walk/pace. To remain hands free, your phone can be placed under your bra strap.  You’re welcome.

Sorry, Dads.

I currently own a Moby, Ergo and Bjorn and I have no idea how I would do it without them. I can eat lunch with friends while he sleeps. I can guarantee a nap in the thing when he won’t go down any other way. It pays for itself.


    • Good call. I just look for it to be close to his head to drown out noise :). Kevin finally wore the Ergo for the first time last week and now he sees the glory. he ate dinner the other night and Ollie was strapped on for the whole party Saturday. Does wonders for his tendentious in his elbow!

  1. Why didn’t I think of that?!? All your baby wearing is making me want to have a newborn…stat! Oh, wait. Tonight’s the hub’s Fantasy Football draft. That may be the only thing that could delay his desire for sex.

  2. I’ve got a Bjorn and am so in love…it helped me get through two flights yesterday on my own with Hayden! I’ve debated getting a Moby and/or Ergo as well….do you recommend having more than one? If so, which one would you recommend in addition to the Bjorn for an almost 6 month old?

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