My New Goal: iPhonography

Oliver SophieI’ve been mulling over something for awhile now. I don’t get out the big camera as much anymore. I know a lot of people are shouting “second kid syndrome” but that’s not it. With my phone, I may actually be taking MORE photos of Oliver as a baby. This thing is slap full.

I think it’s that my habits as a photo taker (not saying photographer) have changed since having Landon. Then, I was a spray and pray shooter. I mean I knew composition but that was about it. Granted, even that was more than most have, so I looked pretty decent. Once I actually learned more technical aspects of my camera, I hated the thing. I wanted a new body, more lenses and all that jazz (I still do…but bear with me). While I know it isn’t all camera, my camera often holds me back…especially with trying to capture what I want…kids. I struggle. I know HOW to get good shots but I can’t always do it. I want to take more classes but that just isn’t in the cards. Also, it’s winter and I get less creative.

Then there is time involved. In the last year or so, I slowed way down on taking because I didn’t want to process them. Lame, I know. I am not talking Photoshop and actions. Just basic RAW conversions and taking them off the camera bored me. Precious minutes in my day couldn’t be used up waiting for Lightroom to get its shit together.

But I still love taking photos. I love getting little moments of my family.   Landon Lawnmower I love capturing some awesome event. Oliver and Brooke

Fuck it, I love being able to have photos of myself when I want. SelfieTherefore, I love iPhonography.

Last week, Jamie from Grumbles and Grunts let everyone in on how she makes my jaw drop on Instagram While I already did a lot of her tricks already, what spoke to me was her saying she abandoned her big camera. That was big for me. I need to work with what I’ve got. I am also in need of curating what I send out.

So starting now, I’m gonna step it up with my iPhonography. I am going to limit myself to no more than 3 photos on Instagram a day and make them as great as I can. Study the shot, edit it on my own style and be happy with each. Maybe I’ll blog em. Maybe I won’t. I dunno. I will still use my big camera some times too..I think I just mainly don’t want to feel guilty NOT using it. It has its place.

There is no real end goal other than to be better and happy with what I am doing. So take me away, Camera+. This shit’s getting real.

P.S. I can’t decide what to do with dinner posts. Should I start an account just for those? I know people like them but I don’t want those to be part of my quota per day. Or, fuck it, don’t let them count? Thoughts?


  1. You should really follow JoysHope (Julie Carson) on Instagram. Her photos are also amazing, but it’s not about the editing in hers. It’s all about composition and creativity. My favorite person to follow.

  2. WORD. I took a ton of pictures with my DSLR on Christmas. Do you know what I’ve done with them? NOTHING. Not even put them on my computer. It’s just daunting work. I’ve become so lazy. But it sucks because I actually MISS using it. I miss working on getting better at it, and trying to improve what I know how to do. But geez, the after the taking the picture part is just boring work.

  3. I love the dinner posts my 2nd boy will be 6 mo this this Thursday and I am making my own baby food this time and you are so helping me and making me laugh! Great job!!

  4. Love this! I do have a question. There is a Camera+ app and a Camera Plus app. Which one are you going to be using. You mention Camera+ but link to Camera Plus. They both have tons of ratings and I’m curious which one you will be using because I too want to try this. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your pics.

  5. I has some Photojojo University emails waiting for me in my inbox… Yay!! My phone is always with me, better to learn how to use it as close to my big ol guy as possible!

  6. Just don’t have those count toward your quota! But agree, iPhone is the way to go for pics – and that is ok! I adore all the moments, both little and big, that I’m able to capture with my phone.

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